Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

SC plans to amend constitution to punish the deceased

29, Jul 2017 By varunsundars

Supreme Court of India addressed one of the biggest loopholes in the Indian constitutional system, that is well exploited by the elites and especially by the politicians in India post independence. And with the recent case against Emma, which had freed her of the crimes and dismissed actions to cease her assets, the poor state of Indian constitution has been yet again exposed!

From now on the following actions will be taken in case of the convict being deceased at the time of judgement:

i) Seizure of assets from the family of the deceased.

ii) Sending in deceased army jawans to arrest the deceased at the heaven or even say the hell!

iii) Giving top notch protection to the convicts of crime just like VVIPs, so that they may not escape their crime.

iv) Transferring the punishment of the deceased to the partners of the crime, so that they will learn not to allow any criminal to commit suicide.

v) Bring in the spirits of the deceased back to earth using special rituals to execute their punishments!

vi) Introduce new sections in Indian Constitution containing new IPC sections for punishing ghosts!

vii) Arrest people who support the convicts by saying that they are not criminals at all or justice has finally been established, as was the case in TamilNadu!

However, whether Indian judicial system will learn to execute a trial within an acceptable time frame so as to establish justice is yet to be known! Just as an old saying goes:

“A justice delayed is a justice denied!!!”