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SC bans ZETA instead of PETA due to too much pressure

24, Jan 2017 By rbkaroundworldgmail-com

Youngsters from Tamil Nadu had started a protest against Supreme court’s ban on Jallikattu. They also pointed out the norms and blamed PETA for the cruel judgement. “Peta is degrading our culture. How can they say Jallikattu is cruel. If necessary, the oxen should say that”, told a protester.

A judge happy over decision
A judge happy over decision

With more than 50 thousand protesters who gathered in the beach, the protest was very intense just like Salman Khan’s acting. “PETA is a non-profit organisation, we work for everyone. We are planning to file a case in court against god for the 2004 tsunami and the 2015 floods. Why are they not understanding our intentions”, said a PETA representative who was inspired by ‘The man who sued god’.

But the real problem was on the Supreme Court since people were shouting slogans on the judge. “Not only me, but my mother and sister also got continuous hickups. At first we thought that someone was thinking about us, we also felt good. But, later we learned that it was because of the unconditional love from people of Tamil Nadu”, said the judge.

Things turned worse on the final day when more than 1 lac people gathered and started to demand the court for allowing Jallikattu. “Only allowing Jallikattu was fine. But the people also filed a petition to ban PETA in India. It was a very tough decision and was not supposed to be taken sooner”, said a close associate of the honorable judge.

“After discussion, we have lifted the ban on Jallikattu, but banning PETA was difficult. I was concerned about the people who used to get profits from PETA. They only earn in lacs per day. They are daily wage workers”, told the judge wiping his tears.

People were celebrating while the owner of ZETA yelled on a wall and uploaded the video on YouTube saying that the court has banned ZETA instead of PETA. “It was a typo problem. This could happen to anyone, its just a matter of a letter. No one cares for ‘Z’ anyway. We were under pressure”, said the stenographer and he went away.