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Satya Nadella wanted to be Microsoft CEO since his school days

07, Feb 2014 By Lord'sMaster

While other channels are busy chasing (or being chased?) by old friends and teachers of Satya Nadella, Faking News went out to contact, in keeping with latest theme of the country, the aam aadmis, who were acquaintances of the most talked about CEO today. This is what Faking News collected.

“I was an ambitious kid”

Vijayamma: “I have a small shop outside the school where kids come and buy chocolates, pencil, rubber and all. I remember this small boy Satya who had a special talent to spot the chocolates he wanted. He would carefully look through all the bottles and when he spotted the ones he wanted, he will shout ‘Bing! I found it! Give me one of the red, green, yellow and blue candies…’ and then would walk away staring up at the clouds.” She paused and added, “It seems he is now some owner of all the computers! Maybe if he comes here, I will ask him to check my grandson’s machine. He has one but keeps shouting at it..”

Venakayya: “I used to drive the school bus for many years. I saw the picture of Satya Nadella in the news papers. I remember that face very well – it looks just like what I remember all those years ago. He was a very different boy. He always wanted to sit near the window.” Clearly, the quest started early. He further added, “ There was another boy, I think”, he scratched and wondered, meanwhile somebody behind him prompted something, “Yes, I think he was called Sundar or someone, they both used to fight for the best window seat, but this boy Satya always managed to get the right seat.”

He sure did start early!

 PS: Due to limited time to capture all comments and to beat the other media in reporting this news first, Faking News has published only a couple of interviews. Also, FakingNews is hunting for a new profile picture as every article on the net has one single picture of Satya Nadella. Watch this space!

PPS: Due to the impact of the RG Vs AG interview, Faking News is still unable to avoid quoting Faking News in third person. Faking News regrets any inconvenience caused.