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Saturn is retrograde for Ms Khobragade, says astrologer

23, Dec 2013 By surajr

Dr. Baatliwaala with the Birth Chart of Ms Khobragade

Mumbai: World renowned astrologer and numerologist Dr. Bejaan Baatliwala has suggested that the dire situation faced by senior Indian diplomat Ms Devyani Khobragade may have a cosmic connection. In his weekly column for a leading newspaper, Dr Baatliwala has said that ‘the movement of Saturn had turned retrograde, thus contributing to the troubles of Ms Khobragade, no alliteration intended’.

“I have examined the birth chart of Ms Khobragade. As you can see, her Second House is in Pune and her Third Flat is in Adarsh. She also has Plot in Alibaug, her North Plot is Noida while her South House is Ernakulam, ” said Dr. Baatliwala speaking exclusively to Faking News. Dr. Baatliwala, who is (in)famous for his uncanny ability to accurately predict the past explained, “Saturn has turned retrograde last fortnight. Saturn is the ruling planet of Adarsh housing, and its turning retrograde will have a severe effect on people who have Adarsh in their birth charts. Apart from this, Ur-anus, the ruling planet of body cavities, has started a transition from East to West, which further complicates the situation.”

While describing the current situation of Ms Khobragade as difficult, the passing of the comet Lokpal through the solar system would bring more headwinds for the troubled diplomat and her immediate family members, added Dr. Baatliwala. When asked for possible remedies for this situation, Dr Baatliwala suggested performing Hawan at the Visa-Balaji temple at Hyderabad and feeding Pawan Bansal’s goat.

The plight of Ms Khobragade has prompted support from all political parties. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, on being informed that the diplomat belonged to a backward community, reached the Khobragade residence late Saturday night for dinner. However, sources close to this development have informed us that the Gandhi scion had to leave with an empty-stomach as the maid had not come to prepare food.