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Satirists and comedians on the brink of unemployment after Rahul's interview with Arnab

29, Jan 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: It was a black day for satirists and twitter sit-down comedians. They were all eagerly expecting for the 9 PM show of ‘Frankly Speaking’ with Arnab, where their ‘satire fodder’ Rahul Gandhi was about to be interviewed by Arnab Goswami. But, as the interview went into the first ten minutes, many of the Faking News reporters reported having felt a chest pain and a sense of uneasiness.

Rahul baba

There were reports of satirists from Faking News being rushed to the hospital, with few of them attempting to suicide and few fell after experiencing a severe massive attack. Also, famous twitter personalities who got too many Retweets and Favorites for their rip-tweeting of Rahul, were seen breaking their mobiles and running to terrace to jump off the building.

Pagal Patrakar tweeted, “I think I need to close Faking News website and start website with Rahul Gandhi quotes and interviews. #RahulspeakstoArnab”. The talk about closure of Faking News sent shocking waves to Firstpost RSS (which is funding Faking News writers including our reporter). RSS spokesperson has reportedly worried about who will help them in capturing the whole world other than Faking News.

Our reporter somehow got his heart back in the place by online newspapers which thankfully did not give him the shock that Rahul gave. He felt saddened by the sudden unemployment that would push him to write fake news for NDTV and Times of India online newspapers, instead of writing real news for Faking News.

Satirists expressed their anguish in unable to do any fake news or satire on the Rahul Gandhi interview. Ashwin Sanghi, another satirist said, “I’m drained totally. I cannot think of a satire on this interview. It can NEVER EVER EVER EVER be funnier than this interview. Rahul scores a goal over our satire websites.”

Meanwhile, comedians are seen near the Times Now studio begging to the studio people to give them the interview video. Vivek, a stand up comedian in the Mumbai bars said, “This interview is epic. I’m just thinking of how much claps I will get and how much shows I can book, if I could just replay this , as it is, in my shows.” He paused and then continued, “But, we are on the brink of unemployment dude. If Rahul goes at this rate, then people will stop attending our shows and instead go and watch Rahul’s interview”

On the interview, Digvijay Singh commented that, “it is not the mistake of our Rahulji. We confiscated the question papers a day before and trained Rahulji. Suddenly, Arnab just changed the questions at the last moment. We are filing a no-confidence motion against Arnab.” Kapil Sibal tweeted, “There was zero answers to all the questions. So, zero loss to Cong and Rahulji”

We tried to contact Arnab, but his phone went unreachable. But friends of him told that he is now happy that he has delivered laughter as medicines to the audience affected by High Blood Pressure after watching his newshour shows daily.