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Saradha scam accused Sudipta Sen was good at playing "business" and "monopoly",claims political leader and close aide

25, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

The ruling parties have issued a statement justifying Sudipto Sen’s issuance of company licences.

His langotia yaar Mr. Goribmaanus Bondhopadyay who currently serves as chairperson of ruling party, had said that he had spotted sudipto’s talent when he was just 8 years old. “He was extremely good at playing business and monopoly and so deserved a licence to operate a chit fund. Bugger was extremely efficient in mortgaging his cards, and dodged the jail by paying 500 Rs.”

Another party member Ms. Khomota remarked, “Our extremely visionary leader Smt Banerjee (BA, BSc, MBBS, Gold medal in economics) has proposed a brilliant out-of-the-box solution to RBI to print more notes and compensate Maa, Maati and Maanus, the three pillars of our votebank. “

Sudipto always chose the Laal Gotee for himself to play with, and made own rules of the game. Sudipto also discovered the formula of compound interest, time value of money, exponential series etc during his play of business game only. `Later on he was invited to chaired many esteemed committees like CFA international and ICAI. His video lectures on youtube on Finance 101 have gone viral with 1 billion hits and is highly recommended in IIMP curriculum. He was the reporting boss of RBI gov and Finance minister, who used to take finance tutions from him. If one says modi has risen from a chaiwaala to PM, one has to concede the brilliance of sudipto who has risen from a Monopoly player after school hours to such a visionary investment banker.

Meanwhile, Sudipto has been approached by hollywood to replace michael doglas in Wall street 4. . Music will be given by none other than pritam, and it is rumoured that ramgopal verma will himself direct the movie. The dubbed version will be released as “Sudipto ki Paise ki aag- In 3D”.

Meanwhile when an old pensioner approached Sudipto’s office, she was given 2 dvds, one titled “Sab moh maaya hai” parvachan by Asaram baapu (runtime 120 minutes) and second had the hit song “Kyu paisa paisa karti hai kyu paise pe tu marti hai” cover by yo-yo-yo money singh.”