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Salman Khan to release a new product called "Being Intolerant Pan Masala" - daane daane main intolerance ka dum soon

29, Nov 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Mumbai. After the most intelligent comments given by SRK and AK on religious intolerance, all were waiting for the third Khan to bump into the issue. He bumped in the issue with an announcement to release a new product called “Being Intolerant Pan Masala – Daane Daane main Intolerance ka dum” under his brand Being Human.

When our reporters approached him he said, “Early morning while watching TV, I saw that my two Anmol Ratans had already commented on the intolerance issue. Suddenly I heard, “Bigg Boss Chahte Hain Ki Aap Intolerance issue Par Apna Pratibhav Dein.” So, I decided to do something toofani and went to toilet and thought, “Kitne pratishat bhartiya Pan Masala chabana bandh kar sakte hain? Obviously NIL.” And so I will soon release a new Pan Masala named Being Intolerant Pan Masala – Daane Daane Mein Intolerance Ka Dum”.

Reports are confirmed that even government has given green signal for the same. On its packets statutory warning will be as under, “Being Intolerant is injurious to health” and “Not for minors (especially Rahul Gandhi)”. Also as per our sources, theater owners have also permitted to give its advertisement before start of any movie which will say, “Agar aap kisi sadharan manushya ke dimag nichod kar dekhe, to aapko balti bharke intolerance milega. Itna intolerance aapko Rao, Kiran Rao banane ke liye kaafi hai“.

Lalu Yadav’s son are still reciting the word “Intolerance”. Kejriwal has already prioritize “Intolerance” as an important issue for sitting on “Dharna”.

Salman Khan’s competitor Ajay Dengn commented, “No one will eat Salman’s Pan Masala as it contains intolerance and my Pan Masala contains Kesar. In India, no one sees whether you are intolerant or not, they only see how much kesar you can afford as it is very expensive. And once you eat Kesar in front of people, they will consider you as a rich brat. And once you are announced rich, no one will see your religious intolerance”.

Faking news is just hoping that at the time of spitting any Pan Masala, people should should also spit out the religious intolerance in them if there is any.