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Salman Khan to get reprieve even in future criminal cases

06, May 2015 By MRP

Mumbai. For his harmless behaviour between crimes, his sparing of lives of the remaining pavement dwellers and animals and for his remorseful nature that brought tears in his eyes in the court-hall, Salman Khan is likely to get reprieve in the hit-and-run case as well as future ones.

Amidst high drama in front of the Sessions Court in Mumbai where Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case was being heard, Salman’s lawyer explained the situation to the media. According to him, Salman was not guilty at all. Highly agitated, he said, “Sallu bhai has become a victim of his own popularity. At this rate every actor will be jailed for no fault of his or hers. And this is the first time a person has been convicted for the crime committed by his driver. So unfortunate.”

Salman Khan
Salman Khan walks to the court

After cooling down a bit and realizing nobody was buying his story, he started justifying things. “Both Sallu bhai and his driver are honest. Sallu is honest in saying he was not driving. His driver is honest in saying he was the one driving. Tell me, who will want to take a blame on himself when he has not committed the crime?”

When asked if he was suggesting that the court has delivered a wrong verdict, he was taken aback. “No, no, no…I never said that. All I am saying is Salman is innocent. And his driver did not get punishment for committing such a heinous crime. Look at the family of the victim. They have already suffered so much. Now they have to see the culprit going scot free.”

When a correspondent argued that Salman was drunk and had no valid driving licence at the time of the accident, the lawyer protested, “Why can’t he drink when he is not driving and why then should he have a driving licence. He never drives, he has never driven in his life.”

When everybody around started laughing, the lawyer suddenly turned philosophical. “Let us for a moment assume Salman committed the crime. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Don’t you? So, even Salman or Salman’s driver made a mistake. And everyone has to die one day or the other. So did the victim. No one is immortal and nothing is permanent on life. So, why make a big fuss of it?”

Asked what the next course of action will be, he explained, “We will appeal in every possible court in this world, against the verdict. We want the driver to be punished and victim’s family to get justice. Next priority is to get Sallu bhai released. Even if the so called crime gets ten years jail term, we will get it reduced.” When asked how, the lawyer confidently argued, “Sallu is a gem of a person. So the term should be reduced to five years. Then, for the charity work he has done, it should get reduced by another five years.”

“What charity work?”

“Hasn’t he spared the life of every remaining pavement dweller? Have you seen him killing any one else since then? He has not killed even a black buck of late, let alone pavement dwellers.”


“So, the sentence has to be reduced. Also, he has been remorseful. He cried in the court hall. So further reduction by another five years.” the lawyer said, wiping his own tears.

“But you are reducing more than ten years…when the maximum sentence itself is for ten years.”

“That is exactly the point. He should get reprieve even for the crimes he is going to commit in future. Or in the others cases where is going to be convicted because of some one else’s wrongdoing. Let the additional five years be in his credit, which can be made use of later.”

Seeing the court reassembling, the lawyer returned to the court hall to attend the further proceedings of the case.

In then meantime, every film personality worth his or her salt came out in support of Salman Khan. While many vouched for Salman’s innocence, one famous actress of yester years prayed for minimum sentence for him. The smart ones said, “let him finish his projects that are worth 200 crores and then go to jail”.