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Sale of condoms gone down in UP, Durex launches jeans to overcome losses

25, Mar 2017 By Malay Anil

The sale of condoms has drastically gone down in UP after the arrival of Anti-Romeo squad because people are scared of making love even in their own bedroom now. Unmarried and married men from all kinds of sexual orientations are scared that Anti-Romeo squad would catch them. By the time they prove that they had the consent of their partner, they would be thrashed.

Because prevention is better than cure, everyone is avoiding having sex. According to sources, because of this fear among youth Durex is almost out of business in the state of Uttar Pradesh. After noticing this aversion to sex among youth, Durex did not waste any time in launching their latest product, Durex jeans. It is being said that Durex condom’s demand had hit the floor in last one week so to overcome the losses, Durex launces this new product.

Man who already have bought condoms in stocks is now repenting as the prices have slashed to 1/3rd.
Man who already have bought condoms in stocks is now repenting as the prices have slashed to 1/3rd.

Speaking to Faking News, Sales and Marketing head of Durex in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Nishant Saxena said, “As you are aware that the anti-Romeo squad is functional in UP and the results have been horrible for us. Couples have just stopped buying condoms because they are scared to have sex in the state.’

“This has come to the company as a major blow. We were planning to launch a pan and Tundey kabab flavor condom but seeing the zero sales, we decided to launch Durex sanskaari jeans.” Couples in Uttar Pradesh are going through a tough time but are hopeful that these times wouldn’t last long.

While talking to Faking News, 27-year-old Jishnu Narayan said:“Anti Romeo squad has made my life hell. I haven’t had sex in a week. I was out in the market with my wife and someone from the squad slapped me for molesting a girl.”

‘I was just telling my wife to buy groceries quickly so that we could go home quickly and spend some good time together. People from Anti Romeo squad were outside my house as well so we did not do anything.’