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Salaried employees threaten to boycott weekends as movies, cigarettes and eating out will soon cost more

02, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi/ Mumbai: The 2016 Union Budget has already started showing its effect on the country’s employees as thousands took to streets, online forums to express their outrage and dissatisfaction over the budget discourse by Modi government. The main disenchantment was around no changes being done to tax slabs this year.

“A few months back, the finance minister was of the opinion that tax slab should be increased to 5 lakh a year. Now, he has totally forgotten about it and introduced other unwanted sops. In spite of owning a house, I will now be forced to rent an apartment to save my 60,000 rupees from getting taxed”, said a chartered accountant, in one of the cleanest responses we got.

Weekend woes for the middle class.
Weekend woes for the middle class.

Speaking to our reporter, a rather dejected young IT professional said, “My dream is to buy an SUV, go to a restaurant for lunch and subsequently, smoke a cigarette. The government has shattered my dreams as none of them look achievable now”.

“Rather than planning an expensive weekend outside, I’ll have to profitable weekend at office. At least, I’ll live in AC environment and get a better performance rating for weekend work and consequently, better bonus”, said Amar a 32-year old Hadoop professional.

The Union of IT employees of India (UIEI) has planned to launch a protest in Bangalore against the rising intolerance towards how employees enjoy their weekends. With every weekend activity becoming dearer, employees have threatened to boycott weekends and rather sit at home, even if it means watching Sooryavansham for 100th time. One such employee from a construction firm protested against rising intolerance towards eating outside by ordering a finger bowl in a 5-star hotel.

Considering public’s resentment, Jaitley arranged a press conference to clarify how one can deal with these issues. He said, “You agree that mom’s food or wife’s food is the best food, you hit the like button on Facebook but why complain when eating outside has got costlier? You can download movies at home instead of going to a multiplex and buying a projector as it is just a one time cost. Moreover, when you have services like Uber or Ola offering hundreds of discounts, there is no real necessity to buy a SUV.”

As per our sources, the excise duty on bidis still remains the same making it an excellent replacement for cigarettes.