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Saheb, Puppy aur Repenter

30, Nov 2013 By Anon

A freak incident involving a stray puppy coming beneath Modi’s car, who was on his way to address a rally, has become a watershed moment in the history. The incident has induced epic remorse in Modi’s mind. Modi announced at the rally that he has decided to go on a ” lacerating” penance and has “recused” himself from the leadership of his party to atone for a period of six months. Due to this development, Pravin Togadia’s name is is being suggested for the PM candidate. There are murmurs among party men about rising puppy population and their menace. Some are talking of putting stray puppies under surveillance, pressing in full security apparatus of the state. Some advocated drastic measures like fake encounters, but those suggestions were promptly shot down by Modi himself. Critics have turned admirers overnight since Modi announced this. Many are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, as they don’t have any one to bash now. What would have caused the future PM to give it all away for a lowly puppy ? A baffled community of philosophers, political analysts and sundry experts are frantically analyzing this phenomenon. Speculations are rife that his hair strands might be sent to experts for DNA analysis.

Party leaders claim that this is a golden moment for the party. The party’s hall of fame has been painfully barren. Remember the scramble for Patel ? Now they have a living icon amidst them who has renounced power in an exemplar act of compassion and piety. He is the best thing to have happened to them since a certain Gadkari. From making up history, Modi has created history in what is being called as a masterstroke. There are even rumours of Modi proposing a magnificient statute of the puppy. In another development, PETA has hailed Modi’s gesture and is lobbying with the US administration to grant him visa.

This development might have a bearing on Baba Ramdev’s career, as per some observers, if Modi decides to pursue his penance beyond six months and grows even more spiritual. This was evident from his reference to Alexander’s famous quote on coming to the world empty handed and going back empty handed. Please note the precision of reference without any verbal or cognitive malfunction.

As per the latest news, things have become even more curious. Some Mo-devotees have allegedly observed a halo around his head, a phenomenon so far confined to mythology. As usual Congress has dismissed this as a gimmick similar to the 3D holographic speeches that he did in the past. They dismissed it as hollow posturing (hollow halo ring?). They say this is an attempt to woo the puppy community. Modi has ignored such barbs, further burnishing his halo. It has not escaped keen observers that not a single gaffe has been committed by Modi ever since he has declared his remorse. This is being cited as proof that it is a heartfelt remorse and Modi has attained inner peace. Sonia Gandhi’s famous “inner voice” excuse in not accepting Prime Ministership pales in comparison. An RSS feed has been setup which will post updates on the remorseful journey.Meanwhile Shehjzada was spotted at a rally in half sleeves. Only Mama knows what trick is up his half sleeve. Peeve.

Twitter is abuzz with comments. Samples: –Let us ask Tata to develop a “puppy sensor” technology for Nano. It can be called NaMotechnology. @hush_puppy –This is a mask. Veni Modi Feci. @vijay’s_dig –He has attained great escape velocity which has put him in a spiritual orbit. @Ra(hul).None

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