Friday, 20th April, 2018

Sahara Chief launches a political party, names the party Sahara India New Sarkar (SINS)

25, Oct 2014 By RT

Beleaguered Sahara India Chief today announced that he is launching a political party! The political party is named as ‘Sahara India New Sarkar’. In an issued statement, the leader said ‘I urge all Indians to unite behind the new political force: SINS! The party is of the people, by the people and for the people. We will operate head-quartered from Lucknow. Now, must say I already feel lucky! It is not just Luck Now. It is Luck Forever!’

The political observers all over India hailed the announcement of the new political party as a stroke of genius from the SINS chief. It is a surefire way to get him out of jail. If there is anything to go by, he already has about 3+ crore loyal followers who will follow/vote/die for him at the snap of his fingers. When queried ‘Is it not 3+ crore people were allegedly duped by the chief and their money was illegally looted?’, the observers laughed and said ‘Yes. But, what do they know? They will all vote for SINS chief. That happens in Tamil Nadu. That happens in most of the other states in India. That is the norm of politics and people’s behavior in India. That is why we call SINS is a stroke of genius from Mr. Roy.’

True to the observation of political pundits, as soon as the news of the new political party broke out, there were 70 reported deaths from UP, apparently in protest to the illegal arrest of SINS chief. Hunger strikes, Dharnas, Hartals and various other forms of protests, mostly illegal, have been staged throughout the state. The normal life in Lucknow comes to a standstill and the SINS chief is overwhelmed by the love and support, hours within the announcement of the political party. Mr. Roy thanks the supporters and appeals for calm and insists that their leader will come out clean from all the allegations.

The entire state of UP, especially Lucknow, witnessed large posters and hoardings appear, all of a sudden, in support of Mr. Roy. ‘You are our Roy of hope!’, ‘A new Roy in the political sky!’, ‘Supreme Court, release our leader, or else!’ are some of the catchy phrases from those posters.

Other political parties are very keenly watching the developments and a couple of prominent lawyers, aged 85 and 90, have already booked first class air tickets to Delhi. The rumor has is that an urgent hearing is requested and Mr. Roy will be out of Jail to watch the release of ‘New Year’. “The day our supreme leader is released will be the true ‘New Year’ day for all of us. It is the day for new dawn of Indian politics! The day which will bring light to all our families in UP”, the party spokesperson said in a released statement to Faking News.