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Sahara chairman sells an eye to pay bail amount

18, Mar 2015 By yogesh911

Delhi. Founder and Chairman of Sahara, Subrata Roy has come out with a plan to pay up the 10k crore bail amount set by the Supreme Court. The company is said to have already deposited 5000 crore. Roy is learnt to be very uncomfortable at the jail and has been planning for days on how to pay the massive bail amount. Roy came out with a list of belongings he can sell off which included selling off one eye and a kidney. He requested in court to allow him to send mails from jail for requests to close associate for money on getting one of his eye power corrected through operation in order to increase its market value. He had included liver in the salable items list but the visiting doctor at the jail said he couldn’t sell his while he might need one in few days.

Subrata Roy's son!
Subrata Roy’s son!

Sardar Khan who bought the right eye told reporters that after the eye was operated into him he realized it was Roy’s left eye so basically he had two left eyes with him leading to serious synchronizing and alignment problems. Khan ran into a divider while driving back home from the hospital. Later in the evening Roy’s eye in Khan’s face suffered severe eye flu. Khan has decided to sue Sahara chairman for another 100 crores. Other things included in the list were his old waist coat and black shades he wore during court proceedings. He requested in court to ask jail authorities to install OLX in their phones so that he could post ads selling his body parts. It has also learnt that the jail guards now dont carry wallets after losing money while guarding Roy’s cell. Roy’s lawyer accepted he couldn’t find his wallet after a visit to Roy’s cell.

To add to his woes, someone kidnapped his son and permanently inked his hand with the words “mera baap chor hai” and later released him. The boy is yet to come out of the trauma and is in a state of shock repeating the same line to anything asked ” pehle uss aadmi ke sign leke aao jisne mere hath pr yeh likh dia tha“.