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Sachin fan claims Sachin was a Tennis Star when Maria Sharapova wasn't even born

11, Jul 2014 By indrajeet

The Fans, or more than Fans of Sachin Tendulkar, recently find themselves personally insulted by women tennis player Maria Sharapova when she publicly stated not knowing Sachin Tendulkar, adherent of God Sachin have decided to take this matter to streets after their “whoismariasharapova” twitter campaign back fired promoting more and more people to Google for the tennis player.

Protest in various forms flooded across India as Sachin followers cuts all caste,class boundaries. Some fans asked ministry of foreign affairs to take this matter on as high priority as that of Iraq crisis, while some even suggested that to prove himself as a strong prime minister Narendra Modi should boycott the BRICS summit due in upcoming week or demand BICS summit excluding Russia on the ground of the controversy, few agitated Sachin fans chose to protest outside Russian embassy only to be beaten up by the security forces in the diplomats area.

One among the thousands anonymous Sachin fan-club based in Mumbai have started a signature campaign against Maria Sharapova, Few are even trying to get her mail id to junk her mailbox with statics of sachin’s achievement which they have memorized and chanted over the years, a religious head from Lucknow (also a Sachin fan) issued a fatwa asking Sharapova to marry Sachin as a punishment and solution to the crisis.

For the first time since general election anything has been able to take minds of Indians off from Modi and it turned out to be another ‘M’ Maria. In order to take political advantage of the situation, a party who miserably performed in general elections wrote to Indian government to end all bilateral ties with Russia including the ban on arms import from Russia, a party spokesperson(also a sachin fan) said we would prefer buying arms from Kenya or even Zimbabwe where Tendulkar is better known as he has thrashed Henry Olonga in past.

One odd Sachin fan even challenged Maria to face Sachin on the tennis court banking on his knowledge that Sachin has played tennis during his school time, he insisted on the fact that Sachin was a tennis player at his school when maria wasn’t even born making him a far superior player even in tennis.

The real distressed situation is for those who are Sachin fans but also loved googling Maria Sharapova wallpapers and not the game. “Though it’s hard to find a sports women as hot and as talented as Maria Sharapova, I will never admire her as it will be a betrayal to my religion,” a disappointing Sachin fan Rohit Kirketiya admitted.

While ever calm Tendulkar maintained silence on the controversy, his insecure short tempered fans continued venting their anger on Maria Sharapova in every possible way.

A Sachin adherent over excited upon finding himself in front of camera said “many bowlers around the world fears Sachin and we will ensure Maria Sharapova gets included on that list. when asked if his remark makes any sense, he chanted twice “sachin!! sachin!!”