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Sachin attends Rajya Sabha, Scientists say this is rarer than Solar Eclipse

09, Aug 2017 By MrIndia

NASA scientists reported the rare event of Sachin Tendulkar attending a session of Rajya Sabha. They say, “This happens only once in 50 years. Therefore, this is rarer than Solar Eclipse scheduled for this month”.

Ace cricket player Sachin Tendulkar went to Rajya Sabha. At the gate the security demanded from him Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence, Voter-ID, bank statement, and even a relic of his Bharat Ratna award. The security said, “We don’t know who he is, we have never seen him before”.

The Solar and the Lunar Eclipse of India
The Solar and the Lunar Eclipse of India

AAP leader Kejriwal said, “Sachin’s attendance at RS is better than PM Modi’s attendance”. PMO responded, “Modiji is busy in his America Darshan program. He cannot be blamed”.

Tax Minister Arun Jaitley said, “If Sachin visits RS regularly and uses its canteen we could generate more GST revenues”.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said, “We don’t hide our RS MPs like we hide our MLAs. Our MPs hide on their own”.

Tamil Nadu CM Edapadi Palanisamy said “RS should learn from us. If Sachin doesn’t go to RS, RS should go to Sachin. This is how TN assembly goes to Sasikala’s jail daily”. A spokesman for SuperStar Rajini said “none of these will be required once Rajini announces his politican career. He will run TN assembly and also the Parliament.”

WION TV interviewed Sachin about this special attendance. Sachin said “this place is full of thieves, rats, hyenas and vultures, it makes me feel like a zoo. Hence I could not develop any interest. Also the BJP has made RS irrelevant by making all bills as money bills. I wasn’t required for any vote”.

The speaker of Rajya Sabha thanked Sachin for attending “We are finally happy to see you. If possible can you locate Rekha, the bollywood star of Rajya Sabha to show her face here even once? We have enclosed a recent photo of her.”