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Saas-Bahu take selfie, attempting Guinness record

10, Apr 2014 By iyerman

The social media was rocked last week by the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law selfie that was doing the rounds in Facebook & Twitter.

Rupa Sharma posted a selfie on her Facebook page which portrayed herself smiling along with her mother-in-law, Kalpanadevi Sharma. The selfie was trending highly on twitter too and was the most shared selfie of the week in India.

Guiness Record
Anything for you.

This has sent all the married women in the country into a state of shock.  Most were on denial mode saying such a thing cannot have happened in an Indian family. There are reports that the selfie could be a faked one. Questions arose since Rupa was wearing a shorts and a T-shirt in the pic along with Kalpanadevi. “Which bahurani would be allowed to wear shorts?!” asked Shobha(name changed), a modern Indian wife.

Earlier this week, the AIBUM (All India Bahurani Underground Movement) had called for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. They had sent a notice to Rupa to appear in front of a three member panel to justify the act of dissent. Sources say that Rupa claimed innocence and took a stand saying she really did love her MIL. The last time such a statement was made by a DIL, the MIL was slaughtered to pieces within couple of days. The SMAI (SasuMa Association of India) also issued a statement saying they will be taking appropriate action against Kalpanadevi Sharma on different counts. “Allowing Bahurani to wear a shorts is in itself an unpardonable offence”, said the Chairwoman of the association.

Incidentally sources close to Rupa have certified her statements. It is said that Rupa has not even once complained to her friends about her MIL. Rupa and Kalpanadevi are stated to have been doing everything from doing puja to visiting the parlor together. “They would even cook dinner together at times”, said one of Rupa’s friends who expected the selfie to come up sometime soon.

Rupa Sharma tweeted yesterday saying, “Ma frnds told me dat it is uncool to like ur MIL. But I toh luvvv her. She is the bestestt. Did I actually win the Guinness record?”

Meanwhile Rupa’s husband, Mohit, has been missing ever since the selfie was shared on Rupa’s Facebook wall. Before going on hiding, he is said to have messaged his friend saying, “Something really bad is going to happen yaar. I need to escape the scene before I am become the chutney in the sandwich”.

This has put a new twist to the whole episode. CIDs are decrypting the message to prevent any unsolicited incident in their residence in North Delhi. The television producers are also keeping a close watch on the incident since they do not want to miss out on a story for the next 50 episodes of their soaps.