Saturday, 17th March, 2018

R'ways city bus ambiguities irksome

27, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

With the ambiguity in the changing weather, the roadways city bus timings have also become erratic in Kanpur. On some day the commuters find several buses passing at certain intervals in the morning hours through Jajmau route towards city side while the commuters’ wait lengthens with delayed plying of the buses on the same route. This is quite ironical for the ordinary commuters. During the winter, there was no problem for the commuters but it is developing now.

When commuters enquire of prevailing irregularity, the conductors’ response connects with the festival season. The commuters think of connection but they conclude differently. If the department has already fixed the number of the city buses plying on the Jajmau route, the festival connection appears redundant. What needed to be maintained was punctuality, they urged.

They adopt a different attitude as time and regularity turn out to be worthless for them. Their whims remain evident through their shrewdness of not handing over a ticket to the commuters even after receiving the fare.This is most prevalent with every bus plying on the route. They definitely carry hand-held machine but do not push button to print the ticket. They were thus deceiving the commuters and keeping the amount.

Why was the city buses’ staff following apathetic stance? The roadways officials must be aware of this uniqueness. The commuters complete their short-distance journey at the conductor’s mercy in a way. Delayed plying of the buses brings a worry to the commuters but the driver and the conductor scurry the bus with no concern. It appears they wiggle delightfully in not following norms laid down by the roadways department. It was so confusing and startling. All the simple-mannered commuters could do was only to keep under observation everything. Why were the city buses running as the conductors like?