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Rupee & PM refuse to retire

28, Aug 2013 By akilkarthik

When rupee crossed the senior citizen mark, the most intellectual, secular, liberal spokespersons were out in media cashing on it saying that this proves ‘Kaangress ka haath , senior citizen ka saath’ .

Latching onto this the law minister, Salman Khurshid in his interview, first on Indian television, blamed producer Mahesh Bhatt & lyricist Irshad Kamil, the reason for rupee’s new low, filing a law suit against them for making anti-national comments.

It read ‘$un Raha Hain na tu , Ro raha hoon main’, actually insulted the rupee , for which the economy started to get into depression. Eternal lovers on streets of India started to sing in chorus for the last 3 months by then.

Apparently cute Rahul Gandhi and mute Manmohan Singh were in a meeting when Manmohan singh suddenly woke up from his slumber with his eyes closed and mouth open for a change , Sources told blah blah news that maunmohan singh said ‘Madam, I have an idea’.

The whole meeting responded in hysterical continuous laughter for more than 10 minutes. Blah Blah news was the first to even tell, ‘The unreal times of India’ that Amul baby was literally crying the whole day not even eating the Indian special delicacies- his grandmother’s specials cooked by her foreign mom only twice in every year.

She was dreaded and shocked for the first time to hear a word named ‘Idea’. Blah Blah news chief reporter Sipaayideep peyr-de-sai apparently ran a breaking news campaign throughout the day on his not so blah blah news channel saying – Pappu was worried on why the PM was endorsing Aditya Birla group . ( Uff – the idea – intellectual connection guys).

However the editors were cautioned in a 2 hr long meeting not to stress more on the “Idea” , as they could file a case against their channel for conflict of interest over re-(al)liance.

The special guest on prime time, debates with renowned panels who were frequent visitors to the channel asked the FM the steps he would take, and he said WTF(Welcome to Facebook)?? Everything is going as smooth as an escalator 😉 .

People understood later from twitter and FB that FM actually meant, “Yes it was smoothly going down”. What a wonderful wordplay of Dr. from Cambridge  Claps claps , now then shall we talk about your previous scams sir 😉 said Cyrus Brocha in a TV show. However he wasn’t much worried about defamation suits as he had used the disclaimer 10 times more than usual throughout the extended 20 mins show, not very much for TRP’s.

In a shocking development Manish tewari came up with , “We live in a secular nation – Why dint BJP condemn this?? They should have said, Allah and Jesus too while referring God Save the economy, which we believe in too as there is nothing in our hands”, and, “please don’t misquote me in media – I dint say our party symbol by any ways ;)”.

Digvijay singh came up with the most cerebral statement of his life , “BJP isn’t God for secularism of country and we are the best for dealing with Indian Economy”. And not to mention our Chiddu ji was ecstatic as the rupee started touching his age now, Thus politician started symbolizing themselves as $, and as though it was their value that’s being raised!

67 is a lucky number as 7 follows 6 said numerologists, also saying it coincides with the age of Independent India & the number is only going to get better from here on said the WOWW Santh jee !! :O His 2.85 lakh followers started claiming that WOWW santh is our new god.

In a shocking development today morning however the youth kaangress president after consulting all the sects of yadavs,reddys,chowdharys, kammas,kapus & muslims, hindus, christians etc etc. said ” Though our national Icon insists he will get us into politics , we aren’t hopeful until our PM retires,” in a distraught filled tone.

“I find no reason to step down , The rupee hasn’t reached my age yet”, said an affirmative PM “ When I can perfom , why a rupee can’t !!” The youth started a movement , “ Rise rupee campaign “ not understanding what a low performance delivered govt. could do to them. However L.K. Advani reportedly was annoyed with P.M. not referring to his age he being a senior in politics !! 😛

With the growing discontent , when auditors , foreign exchange personnel , Finance minister office went to watch a movie for relaxation they found the pleasing ad of “Ho raha bharat nirmaan” very awesome !! & Reported blah blah news which again went on a breaking news spree.


Not just for gags, Ho Raha Bharat Nirmaan, Akil Karthik

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