Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Rupee decides to loose Fat and gain confidence

24, Aug 2013 By rahulrs

Inspired by Ads of loose fat gain confidence and being thrown out of the special 1 trillion Club, the once mighty and bullish rupee has finally decided to get over with his obscenity and reduce his ‘waste’-line which has already crossed 65. The current enlightenment at his retirement age has reportedly come after Rupee’s old friend dollar sam’s children like Goldman and S&P have called their uncle a laughing ‘stock’. He is the same Uncle Sam who is famous for his philanthropic activities like providing ventilator support to near dead, long lost brother of Rupee, the paki-Rupee.

The ailing elderly is seeking expert advice from Fat Control Wing of  National Model Of Developing India(N.M.O.D.I.) on loosing his once healthy and growth assisting fat, Gandhioic Acid. The decade long research and experimentation by NMODI has finally led to creation of (Social) waves which would provide the much needed liquefaction and expulsion of this acid from Mr. Rupee’s System. According to biometric, Astrological, Astronomical, geological survey done by India TV in association of Nirmal Baba Samagam, The Savior of last serious cardiac arrest of Mr. Rupee, a slightly positive ion, manmoh-ion has become neutral due to over exposure of Sonia Salt of Gandhioic Acid and can only perform “Theek Hai” level Activities.

A further requirement of urgent expulsion of this acid is felt among social experts of facebook, because prolonged presence of this acid can combine with Diggi virus leading to the development of Rahul tumor. This is a very serious condition which makes a person hallucinate scenes like poverty being unreal and makes a person eager to eat last roti of a dalit family.

NMODI’s CEO, a 62 year youth icon Narunder has assured Mr. Rupee that he will do everything he would, to get this acid out of his system. We pray for the well being of Mr. Rupee as his ailment can seriously affect and lead to mass adoption of the neurons of his Brain by Mr. Dollar Sam. This will be the death bell for Mr. Rupee as these are the last valuable parts of Mr. Rupee’s body which is still not affected by Gandhioic Acid partially because it still lacks the capability to discourage it by frequent attacks on their confidence, passion and hope by of germs like sibbal and chidam-baram.