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Runner gets gold medal for clicking maximum number of selfies during TCSWorld10K marathon run

18, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. You have heard about winners getting medals for finishing the cross line at first three spots, but this time it was quite different when the organisers of the #TCSWorld10K marathon run decided to award Mr.Selfie Khan (no connections with Saif Ali Khan) with a gold medal for clicking maximum number of selfies during the marathon run.

“Participants were supposed to run or jog or just to keep walking, but this man, along with walking at tortoise’s speed, was taking selfies after every 10 seconds interval. This multitasking surprised us and hence we decided to reward this champ with gold medal made up of 0.0000000001% of 16 carat gold” said Mr. Rahul Dosh who was a celebrity-cum-participant-cum-organiser of the event.

The Selfiebrity Mr. Khan
The Selfiebrity Mr. Khan taking his 80th selfie

Mr.Selfie Khan, who has become selfiebrity within 4 hours, talking to one of our reporters said, “I knew I can’t run. My project manager had forced me to give my name for marathon, so in order to give him respect (which is almost equal to quantity of gold found in gold medal) I registered myself. Also, the company had deducted hefty amount for this event, in the name of charity, from my deflated salary, so in order to recover that amount in form of T-shirts and refreshments, I had to wake up at 4 a.m. at Sunday morning at any cost. “I also deserve one medal for waking up so early on weekends”, he added.

“I already had decided that I would only walk, not run. So in order to utilise the saved energy, I thought of taking selfies. I took 8 selfies when I entered the stadium, then I took 50 selfies when the warm up session was going on. Following this, 20 selfies were taken when we were lined up for the race. When the race started , I took the Facebook selfie to show the world that I can also run. Once I started, it was difficult to stop me (not at running, but at taking selfies)” said overenthusiastic Selfie Khan.

Laughing at other participants, Selfie Khan said, “They came like as they all were professional runners. Some had energy drinks in their hands and some had hand-towels. I was the only one who was carrying my smart phone and selfie stick in my hands, and still I won the medal.”

Sources have reported that Mr.Selfie Khan was so much self obsessed with himself that he took selfies at a speed faster than Hussain Bolt’s running speed. No such place could be found during the entire 10 km stretch where he hasn’t taken any selfie either be it any water point, energy zone, health check-up point, urinals and of course, with desi cheerleaders.

The record counter, which usually records the running time, has recorded that 1069 selfies were taken by that man. This number is far greater than the total number of participants in marathon.