Thursday, 19th April, 2018

RTO to provide revision sessions on traffic rules

11, Apr 2016 By Sarfaraz Sharif

Bengaluru: As per the recent survey conducted by Faking news team, 90% of the drivers/riders don’t understand traffic signs/rules. Either they forget the rules or don’t bother to follow. “If there is no cop controlling the traffic, Traffic signals don’t exist for me”, said one of the riders. Most of the people gets confused with one way, if the sign says “no free left turn”.

RTO has come up with an idea of having sessions on traffic rules to avoid chaos that has been created on the roads of Bengaluru because of some drivers don’t have traffic sense. “Very less people have the sense of honking so a separate session will be taken on honking”, said one of the Senior Inspectors at RTO. Iif the traffic problems continue, these sessions will be made mandatory for all the riders every year and if fail to attend the sessions, people can be fined.