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RSS volunteer raises demand for 'vegetarian' blood banks

09, Nov 2014 By jholu

After the government forwarded, and thus endorsed an insightful letter written by a RSS volunteer that all the IITs are spoiling students by offering them ‘Tamsik’ food, another RSS volunteer has now raised the demand for Vegetarian Blood Banks.

Mr. Sanskar Sudhaar, a Mumbai based RSS volunteer has raised this concern. His demand arises after he noticed something distrubing. Last month his angelic vegetarian friend Mr. Maryada Utha met an accident in Ghatkopar. To save his life he was given blood from the nearby Rotary blood bank. Although eventually Mr. Maryada recovered from the injuries, he started showing some strange symptoms. One day he was was found lust fully staring at a Butter Chicken in the nearby Punjabi restaurant. After a while his teeth and nails became noticeably sharper. Another day he was found murdering mosquitoes, and thus proving his increased angry behavior. Mr. Sanskar identified these as nothing but the onset of demonic traits. This got him extremely worried and he traced the changes to the day of Blood Donation. On enquiry, he found that the blood donated to his friend actually belonged to a person originally from coastal Kerala. This donor was a ‘tamsic’ fellow, whose staple diet included flesh of various fish and chicken.

After realizing the grave error made during the blood donation, Mr. Sanskar discussed this among his other friends and found a pattern. His work colleagues empathized with him, and recounted similar incidents.

Mujhe tab gyaat hua ki kis tarah yeh paapi mansahaari rakt hamare Maryada to nasht kar raha hai,” says Mr. Sanskar explaining that how his friend, Mr. Maryada was getting destroyed by this non-vegetarian sinful blood.

Mr. Maryada is now under the expert care of medical stallwarts like Sri Abracadabra, Sri Jaadui Chaddi etc. He has been suggested 250 ml of pure Gou-Mutra everyday. Although, less qualified, allopathic doctors say that it may be practically impossible to remove the ‘tamsic’ ingredients in the blood completely, mahaguru Baamdev has said that he has a cure.

However, so that this misfortune may not befall on any other person, Mr. Sanskar has written to the Health Ministry for separate Vegetarian Blood Banks. He suggests that these blood banks should contain blood only from vegetarian donors and the blood should also be donated only to purely vegetarian patients. The letter has been received by the health ministry and is under consideration. Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan was not available for a comment. But reliable sources say that the letter may be sent to all the blood banks and hospitals in the coming weeks.

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