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Rs 12,80,548 crore worth treasure found in coastal Andhra Pradesh; stops division of state

24, Feb 2014 By srikanthn

The  Archaeological Survey of India with the department of mineral and mines has found a treasure trove of metals and minerals that could be worth  Rs 12,80,548 Crore according to a conservative estimate in Visakhapatnam district’s  Bhimili village.

No more Telangana.
No more Telangana.

If a report of the department is to be believed, the terrain of Bhimili could become a potential ‘revenue mine’ for the state. Earlier the K-G Basin has added crores of revenue to the country.

The work has been completed at most of the exploration sites. “We’ve found promising gold deposits in Bhimili and near by places,” says Bhaskar Upadhyay, director, geology and mines directorate. The state government has been apprised of the findings and a final report will be submitted soon.

With the state divided into Telengana and Seemandhra in this week, the ministers in Telengana seems to be unhappy with the division as the major wealth deposits are located in the coastal parts of Andhra.

It is understood that the Congress with the BJP and TRS are trying to avoid the division till a distribution of the deposits are finalized. Our correspondent have met few T-ministers who feel that united Andhra is better than division that occurred with the center’s intervention.