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Why do royals face wretched lives?

09, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Was it destined to be so? Why do royals die an isolated death? What we go through in the news-item with the heading, ‘a lonely death for the last prince of Oudh, the police finds the body near palace’ dated November 7, 17 is painfully awful? Prince Riaz Oudh died the way he lived alone and forgotten. He appeared to have passed an abandoned pitiful life after his sister’s death in the broken Malcha Mahal which was raised by Firozshah Tughlaq in the jungles of Delhi. What had been constructed for gratifying hunting habit ended in a dwelling place for a penniless prince? He came to this stone structure in 1985 along with his mother and sister Sakina. His mother had died prior to his sister’s death before September, ‘17 as the reports said. That prince was descendant of Awadh Nawab Wajid Ali Shah whose razzle-dazzle can never be overlooked.

It was quite strange that a progeny of that opulent Nawab was living in a pitiable condition. He used to ask people for food and one person of the locality would feed him. He would wander near the forests in Chankyapuri. A distant relative from Aligarh would visit him every few years. Some descendants of the Nawab was said to have been lived in Matiya Burj of Kolkata but their relationship with the prince did not seem to stand. Nawab did find mention more often but his progenies are forgotten in the wilderness? Likewise, we hear of the descendants of Tipu Sultan living in penury while the king is much in the news these days. Similar stories were heard about the Mughal descendants whose ancestors lived royal lives. The regal families’ fall is so scary as to compel them to such an extent. Were their privy purses not stopped, they would have lived a normal life?