Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Roadways drivers lack perfect vision

15, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is absolutely not only one roadways bus depot in the city but this case in point covers particularly the Jhhakarcutti Bus Depot. If nearly forty-two percent drivers of one bus station have been suffering from faulty eyesight, it is certainly no ordinary matter. After all the experienced drivers are driving the buses carrying the commuters who remain unaware of their poor vision. This is a case of serious irregularity when one report reveals the roadways bus drivers are infected with poor vision and even then they are holding the driving seat. The roadways department was allowing them to run the big buses caring a fig for the passengers.

As many as 35 roadways bus drivers were failed in the special eye check-up camp during the ongoing traffic month here. The medical experts, who conducted a thorough vision test on them, suggested to put on eyeglasses.There are a total of 120 drivers of the roadways department. Why was this kind of important sight examination delayed for the traffic month? Was this negligence not indicative of passengers’ life being put at risk? When these drivers of city’s Jhhakarcutti Bus depot were imperfect with their eye-vision, the other depots’ bus drivers could also be suffering from the parallel eyesight problem.

Although the drivers are always alert on the road yet the imperfection in their vision cannot be overlooked. This is essential for the safety from every angle. Even the driving license paper tells of the commercial vehicles’ drivers to undergo at the five-day training camp once in three years when the DL renewal is required in accordance with the defined rule. During this period the drivers have to go through the medical examination too. When this compulsory provision persists the drivers are assumed to be escaping from the necessary vision tests within time.