Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Road widens during VIP movement

10, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whenever the VIPs happen to pass through the designated road there is no traffic congestion on the selected road. This is what the road users realised on a road in Jajmau area leading towards Lucknow. The whole width of the road looked spacious when the traffic police deftly managed the traffic at that point of time. The usual road jam was not found on Saturday evening. It was just the same road which appeared to have been widened during the passage of the VIP convoy. There was a clear road for the vehicle’s swift movement.

The whole of the wide road was vacant for the VIP vehicles which were passing speedily. The stick-wielding constable was quite harsh in controlling the vehicle owners. The very presence of the traffic police caused trepidation among the road users as they stopped for the period the VIP vehicles did not pass. The traffic police ensured unhindered passage of the VIP fleet. What the common people were seeing was the passing of the vehicles one by one. It was a nice view for the younger children who remained unaware of this type of the traffic management on the busy roads.

They saw the whole sight with a stunning gaze. This was certainly a new thing in their lives. They usually find their school vans entangled into the road congestion. When they observe such scenery their inquisitive minds begin to stir up. The elders constantly answer their different queries. Although it is the responsibility of the authorities concerned to provide a protected way to the very important persons yet the use of impolite words for the general commuters appears odd on such occasions. Something novel comes into view on the road when the VIPs vehicles were passing with siren and speediness. How are the common commuters treated is not hidden from anyone?