Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Rlys' proposals can be dreary

24, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Subsequent to the time-taking and costly road journey, there hangs the government’s plan to make rail travel expensive in the New Year. Fresh proposals and considerations may jolt the train passengers in a trembling manner. When the Railway Board is considering on the flexible dynamic fare pricing scheme, there is an indication of acceptance of the proposals submitted by the three different railways zones—the Eastern, the Western and the West Central.

It has been suggested to go on additional premium charges between ten and twenty percent for peak days and festival seasons. The passengers should also be asked to pay extra on high-speed trains over others on the same route. The additional amount would be charged on per hour basis depending on the time a passenger saved while travelling on the faster train. It was also suggested premium charges for overnight trains, trains with pantry cars for allowing confirmed booking through e-auction a week in advance on popular trains. Differential pricing was also put forward for inside lower berths, cabins near doors on either side or an upgradation charge of Rs 20 per berth.

So far we were happily travelling during holidays and festivals but now we would have to think thrice about the journey. We catch a train to reach home on any occasion but it seems shaky now amid proposals.

How could rail journey be brought in comparison with the air flight?

But now an attempt is being made to deprive the passengers just of putting extra charges on the rail journey. This could be helpful for increasing railways’ revenues but there appears no brightness in the railways’ ensuing scheme on the trips in all the four directions. If any offer comes on the way, it cannot be dynamic for the passengers, instead, it would be dreary.