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Riots after Women's Day celebration posters found in mechanical department

08, Mar 2014 By thepelicanclub

Patna. Riots have broken out in a prominent engineering institute after miscreants stuck Women’s Day Celebrations posters all over the Mechanical Engineering department.

Seeing the posters, entire Mechanical Engineering department was up in arms due to visibly offensive nature of the posters and started attacking other departments (with special attention to Computer Science and Electronics departments) to avenge for the hurt feelings.

Representative image of students protesting

According to sources, the Mechanical Department had gone to Computer Science department to protest in a peaceful manner but there was a provocation “from within” the Computer Science department when allegedly some students from Computer Science department started throwing dirty mouse-pads, defunct key-boards, mice and other broken cables.

Excited at first on seeing free stuff coming their way, Mechanical students went berserk on realizing none of the things thrown their way is useful. They followed the cherished Indian tradition of jugad  and used cables to lump together all thrown keyboards and mice and lobbed it back to Computer Science department hiding behind the department gate. This counterattack claimed life of 2 innocent laptops.

However, it is still not clear what was offensive about the posters that triggered off such violent protest. Faking News spoke to a section of offended “Mechies” to get the clear picture.

Rajeev Singh Thakur – a fourth year student is convinced that the posters were meant to make fun of largely accurate stereotype of no-girls-in-mechanical. Sources claim that Rajeev has been over-sensitive to this issue ever since he was awarded the title of “Palm-Pilot” in recently concluded Farewell party.

For Abhay Tiwary (another final year Mechie), the offence is even deeper rooted. “Some people think we do not respect women. Nothing can be so far from the truth. For us all women are our mothers and sisters. Anyone who suggests otherwise, hum uski maa-bhen kar denge”. Abhay has been the FOSLA Grand Master for the current engineering batch.

There are others who feel such posters are part of political conspiracy to malign and challenge the Mechanical community. Babu-Bisleri , a third year Mechie epitomizing Height kam, fight zyada, claims – “this is a Salman Khursheed-esq challenge to the Mechanical department. They think we are impotent. We will show them and their Computer Science appeasing paid media”.

However Harsh, a second year Mechanical student whose  friend request has been recently accepted by a Computer Science girl, feels it’s just a case of misunderstanding. He feels perhaps the Computer Science folks were trying to promote Congress by spreading  Women Empowerment cause which is close to Rahul Baba’s heart and mistook Mechanical Department for Humanities Department in the dark. After all, apart from folks featured in Youth Congress ads, who has guts to support Congress in open daylight nowadays.

In a startling revelation though, an anonymous email has taken the responsibility of the poster-incident. Allegedly, a software engineer trainee at Mammoth IT Company had forwarded all 1534 Women’s Day Celebration emails  to his college juniors after getting frustrated  with a feeling of  – No-Country-For-Indian-Men.

The over-enthu junior mistook the mails as promotional material for upcoming campus interview and pasted them all over the campus. The junior has also claimed innocence as he was misguided by pictures of super-models in business suits that often adorn HR/Women empowerment emails which mislead young innocent minded men to join the sponsoring company/ MBA institute.