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Right to Degree Bill & 4-day Graduate Programme

17, Aug 2014 By gandu123
A new bill on Right to Degree is passed in the parliament  amidst sporadic protest by MP’s with foreign degrees. Earlier UGC scrapped four year graduate programme in DU colleges citing that it involves too much time. Under this bill, every institute under UGC has to provide a 4-day-graduate degree to every 12th pass student.

Showing the path
Showing the path

It is an initiative started by honourable education minister Smriti Irani following her rapid-degree from Yale. She argued that even being just a high-school educated person, she was able to get certification from prestigious college like Yale just in 6 days. “In India we spend unnecessary extra time in getting certain degrees. We should make this processes smoother”, Irani mentioned in parliament. A top official of UGC argued that their 4-day-graduate-programme model, covered under new bill, can educate more people with almost no cost. “People with lesser intelligence are often deprived in India from getting good degree. We are making sure that we modern India do not discriminate people by their intelligence level,” he added.

While the graduate students have mixed feeling, Engineering students are furious why this bill is not covering tech degrees as well. “It is a well known fact in India that quality of education hardly matters. Even if you spend 4 years hard time in some Engineering college, your effective learning can be nothing, you may still end up working in BPO”, a young TCS employee from Vadodara mentioned.

He further added, “Instead of opening more IITs & IIMs, now it is even more necessary to open grad-colleges with active participation in politics which can give degree as a supplementary. It can boost your career in true sense.”

A group of young Engineers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Madras Institute of Technology)  are going to propose a new model where all 12th pass students, who want a pathetic life in future, should be directly recruited to companies like TCS, Wipro, Mahindra etc and after one year work-ex, they should be awarded Engineering/IT degrees. That way they can save 3 years of time & money wastage. Speculations are going on that IIM may award MBA degree to all those who can correctly answer a good number of the questions in CAT (Common Chetan Aptitude Test), an exam based on mugging power of stories from Chetan Bhagat’s book.

Meantime celebrated personality Subramanian Swamy, annoyed by Govt’s decision, tweeted, “Now TDK & Buddhu will get whatever degrees they want. BJP is working for a family” while Mani Shankar Aiyar commented on a TV show, “Govt. action is a cataclysmic manoeuvre with no prudence.” However Modi fans are bragging about the fact that Govt. policies are uniting eternal enemies like Swamy & Aiyar.

Teachers across the country are more or less happy that they will hopefully be free from hectic teaching duty. However some of them are bit down that now they are hardly left with any scope of massaging their sadistic pleasures by torturing the students in examinations.