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Restaurant owner fainted, looking at a girl paying bill on valentine's day

15, Feb 2017 By Aruna Kasturi
valentines day
“Happy Valentine’s Day”, said the couple to each other

On the eve of Valentine’s day, a couple reportedly went to a restaurant of 25 years old. The restaurant owner (45), had welcomed the couple with a smile and waved the couple to an empty seat, little did he know at that time that this couple would make him land in hospital. Amidst of eavesdropping waiters, the couple had ordered food and had a cluttered chat. This went on for 36 mins until which everything went fine.

Here comes the twist of the story where the restaurant owner brought bill towards couple and kept at the man as usual. But when the woman was dragging it towards her to keep her card in the bill, the restaurant owner is said to be fainted. The waiters of restaurant claimed that their owner was healthy and never had any problems. But in the entire 25 years of his career, he had never seen a woman paying bill on valentine’s day which made him faint.

“The owner had such a stubborn opinion, that he was in terms of taking decision that 100% free food if women pays the bill scheme” for next valentine’s day, but this incident had put everyone in shock”, cashier added.

All the other feminists who had witnessed this scene took a promise from the women that she will never pay the bill again.The girl felt sorry for going against the society norms.