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Researcher invents an ingenious method to stop excessive honking of vehicles

21, Mar 2015 By fundude

A frustrated scholar from Engineering Design of IIT Madras has come up with a unique invention to check unbridled honking of car vehicles.

“My bad high decibel experience with erratic Chennai traffic inspired me to innovate this product,” Said this Ph.D. scholar with big beard and torn shirt.

Now it will cost you

This mad scientist called Pagal Patrkar and intimated him with his idea.

“This is unique. First of its kind. He has set up a decibel monitor in the car. It notes the number of times the horn is honked. He further installed a cost calculator. It assigns a monetary value to the excessive honking as penalty. You bet things will not be the same on Indian roads,” Revealed the Pagal Patrkar.

“The economy conscious Indian middle class will open the car window and yell to boo the traffic for a pass rather than squeeze the poor honking button,” The researcher ended this interview with a mad scientist laugh before rushing back to his cramped laboratory.

Some environmentalist have begun lobbying for compulsory installation of this facility in all cars- just as Bharat emission norms.

“Peace in chaos!” As a green peace activist put it.