Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Reforms in TV Serials

15, Jul 2017 By shivaku

Shri. Venkaiah naidu, while addressing members of National Commission for Women (NCW), announced a land mark reform the present government is planning to bring in TV serials. He elaborated about new law the government is  planning to enact and it’s necessity.

Mr. Naidu seems to have taken this step forward after his wife's instruction
Mr. Naidu seems to have taken this step forward after his wife’s instruction

The Hon. Minister informed that most of the TV serials are women centric and the main theme of the serials would have a main character who is  good natured, pious and always struggle for the welfare of all the members of her large family. There will be 4-5 women characters and 1-2 male characters in the family, who always try to harm her and do all sorts of harassment and make her life miserable. They try to create rift between her and her husband by telling lies and half truths. In due course the husband also starts harassing her. The harassment continues for years in some cases even a decade.

This causes mental agony to women viewers. As per the survey conducted by National Commission of Women, over 20% of women viewers go into depression and over 50% cry while watching the serials. Chairman, Central Water Commission has confirmed the figures pertaining to women crying and further infomed that an additional amount of 1.1 million kilolitres of potable water per annum is consumed because of loss of water  through tears resulting in additional burden on local municipalities to provide potable water.    In order to mitigate the hardship and mental agony faced by crores of women viewers and to save precious water, the following reforms are finalised.

  1. All serials which are women centric not to exceed 100 episodes.
  2. In any episode not more than 2 Characters should harass the main character and only one when she is carrying.
  3. A committee is to be formed consisting of the Minister of information and broadcasting, Secretary of information and broadcasting , Chairman of National Commission for Women (NCW), Minister of women and child welfare and Head, dept. of psychiatry AIIMS, The committee will act as a watch dog and ensures compliance of the new rules.

In case the serial cannot be closed in 100 episodes, the producer may take up with the committee along with reasons for extension of the serial beyond 100 episodes and an affidavit informing that he has adhered to the new regulation along with a fee of Rs 1 lac+applicable GST.(at present 28%)

The leaders of all the opposition parties hailed the decision. They promised that they will not put any hurdles in passing the act in parliament. Rahul Gandhi suggested that mineral water be provided to  women viewers coming under BPL categoty. Shri. Raman, a representative of serial Directors has informed to a journalist that this is a good idea. Due to pressure from Producers they had to drag the serials to 1000s of episodes and a Director will be able to direct just one or two serials in their lifetime. There was little scope for creativity.