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Recent study suggest God created the universe to impress girls

01, Jun 2015 By saikscore

NASA. Humans have always craved to understand the reality of the universe and how it was formed. It goes back billions of years ago when the universe formed from the Big Bang and scientist still marvel this cosmic event dating back to more than 13 billion years ago. But the question still linger on why and how it was created. However, recent research unfolds some secrets which was hidden for ages.

Sad Women
Reaction of a woman after the first draft of the universe was created by God

“We were so amazed to get closer to understand the reality about our universe. Hidden scriptures and latest findings received from the Hubble suggest more to what we previously believed. Findings reveal that God does exist and he created this universe just so that he can impress some girls!” said a senior NASA spokesman during the press conference.

“Our universe might not be the only universe and that God is constantly experimenting to create the perfect universe,” he added

With this shocking news, some religious establishments are happy while some are offended with the statement. When asked to religious delegates about this new finding, they prefer to stay silent as of now.

To further add, scholars say that this finding would answer a lot of questions on our existence in this universe, human sufferings and religious mysteries. However, some believe this might also lead to unrest between religious activists.

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