Tuesday, 20th February, 2018


28, Sep 2017 By shivaku

Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, along with Pakistan’s UN envoy Maleeha Lodhi had to suffer humiliation at the hands of Indian counter parts for having shown a photo of women belonging to Gaza, Palestin, with pellet gun shots on her face. Both of them admitted privately that they were ignorant of the fact that Gaza is in Palestin not in India and they came to know about it only after hearing speeches of Eanam Gambhir and Paloumi Triapthi. They also admitted that a terrorist by name Gazi Baba was operating in India and was killed by Indian Security forces. This made them to believe that Gaza was part of India resulting in goof up.

On this backdrop, PM Abbasi and  Ms.Maleeha Lodhi called a secret meeting of ISI, heads of all terror outfits at Islamabad to discuss why such a goof up happened. The ISI chief and chiefs of terror outfits,except Hafiz Saeed of LET, have also admitted that they too believed that Gaza was in India. Hafiz Saeed  has informed that one of his terrorists hailing from Gaza has informed him that Gaza is in Palestin. Had they knew that it was part of Palestin, the humiliation could have been avoided.

In order to avoid such awkward situations in future they decided to have one main committee consisting of PM, UN envoy, Chief of ISI and heads of all terror groups. There will also be sub committees under each terror group consisting of terrorists from different countries. The modalities of working of these committees was decided as follows.

Pakistan’s UN envoy will prepare literature, photos and other exhibits required for the Meeting. It will circulated among all committee members. Sub committees will hold meeting and inform any modifications required. The sub committees also to furnish any further information on real time basis till the UN Assembly session is over.