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Ready?say cheese...err...say chineese

09, Nov 2012 By goodfella

Inspired by the original article at on 9/15/11

Amid fears of a double-dip global recession lurking round the corner, the world is now looking eastwards with hope. While the soothsayers have been singing in unison praising China all along, only the current economic context has made the idea catch some fire. Sir Wordsnotworth, an oxford scholar form the Dept. of Humanities and The-Apparently-High-Sounding-Useless-Studies, in an article for the Chinaman, postulates that the Chinese dominance is going to transpire in two phases.In the first, people immigrate to China and in the second,Chinese go around colonizing.While this is feared to cripple Indian economy, a counter-intuitive Cupil Seaball, looks at it as an opportunity,”A while ago we realized Americans needed code and now even our 2-year-old could write junk to feed their machines. If the Chinese are going to make some humble wishes,why say no? Of-course, you need to do some tweaks to your educational system”.

In a welcome measure,the AICTE has approved inclusion of new degrees in copyright violation,intellectual property infringement and fast food engineering all under a broader category of bachelor in reverse engineering. Mycrowsoft is patenting a new keyboard design with dozen more of Ctrl,C and V keys so as to keep up with new trends in customer requirements. At the international classical mandarin conference during the launch of his new book “You can copy”, the popular motivational speaker Sheev K Ra urged students not to re-invent the wheel time and again.Students who attended the workshop said they finally felt “vindicated”.

“But this transformation is not going to be easy” says Mr Rao, head of the FIGHTJEE institutions pointing out the difficulties students face in learning Mandarin. “They often end up confusing the diagrams and the text. Also some keep questioning why the same person was pictured in all the chapters.” A stock middle-class parent in an interview sounded optimistic about the whole thing. “I am going to prepare my child for the toughest of the mandarin exams from day one. We know it’s a long journey,but we have to start someday”, she said stuffing noodles and chop sticks in to the grocery bag.