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Reactions after the election results came out

10, Dec 2013 By Baawra Chhora

1) Ravi shastri : We had a fabulous day of the celebration of democracy and in the end its democracy that comes up as winner.

2) Rahul Gandhi: I think India wants to change its “default program” but BJP should not be so happy because victory is only a “state of mind” .

3) Nitin Gadkari : After we prepared 200kg of Laddu in Delhi, its unfortunate that we cannot form the government.

4) Justice Katju : 90% of scientists believe that Modi wave is not wave but particle.

5) Kapil Sibal : As less seats we get , we get nearer to the magic number of zero, which is in fact same as no. of times I get retweeted.

6) Omar Abdullah: Here is ariel pic of Delhi BJP MLAs I took from my helicopter. They say its 31, I think 20-25, You decide !

7) Amitabh Bachchan: FB-888, Posting a picture of well-wishers who came on this sunday despite the election counting of 4 states Always a pleasure !

8) Barkha Dutt : So the seats won by Congress were those where RG did not even go!!! Just goes to show the influence of this man , can make you win even where he does not campaign.

9) Rajiv Shukla : People of Mizoram deserve a Bharat-Ratna, also I propose the capital to be moved to Aizawl .

10) Anu Malik : AAP hui dumdar, BJP hui balwaan,  do no milke band kardi, Congress ki dukaan .