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RBI to order Shub Dhan Varsha

16, Sep 2013 By newoldblog

RBI is going to order ‘Shub Dhan Varsha’, to help falling rupee and lost economy.

As advertised by ‘Shubh Dhan Varsha’ on Sony family channels, makers claim that buying SDV can help in bringing Indian economy back on track. Already millions of families got benefited by using SDV.

RBI has planned to install some of these SDVs in the main office of newly appointed governor, all regional head offices and to their main gold vaults. Soon a public notice will be released in order to procure around 5000 SDVs with an estimated cost of 500 crs.

Subh Dhan Varsha

Govindaji, who is a famous user and promoter of this amazing gadget supports using it. He says, buying it online is very easy with cash on delivery option, it can even be returned back within 15 days using the money back guarantee , if desired results are not seen.

The advertisements show some very real life interviews of users who were once sad , tanked to the deepest lows of misery have not only regained their lost wealth but now have house full of gold and liquid money after bringing SDV to their homes.

The founder and researcher of SDV, Shree ‘SoniJi’ and ‘Acharyaji’ give the primary reason behind its success and promising returns is worship and pleasing the richest Hindu goddess ‘Devi Lakshmi’ and her finance minister ‘Kuber’.

Once goddess ‘Lakshmi’ receives requests about a person’s sufferings on earth via the installed tool ‘SDV’, Devi orders to release funds, currency and gold, jewels etc to these deprived people. The money comes from all direction through known or unknown sources, the users don’t have to worry about that, they just need to sit idle like government.

How it works: It’s something which the manufacturer never reveals on TV, but we got these secrets with help of famous scientist Dr Salunke who works in CID labs Mumbai.

He analyzed SDV’s dna. Each SDV is created with all the holy mantra and deep wealth related secrets from Hindu Vedas programmed on a micro SD card. It also has a hidden intergalactic radio transmitter, a 32 core Hintel processor and a 3 years life battery. Every nanosecond the device chants all embedded mantras which are received by centralized receiver at Neptune and finally hits Kuber’s doors.

With this news of orders of 500 crore rupees from RBI, the manufacture Mr Ramesh is very happy, and said this is just what ‘Shub dhan Varsh’ claims, prosperity everywhere.

Mr Ramesh has SDV installed in his office. Another direct benefit, for individual  buyers as RBI announced that the amount could be claimed for income tax rebates under section 80BC.

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