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RBI to arrange DJs outside ATMs for fun-filled year end deposits and withdrawals

22, Dec 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai. The Reserve Bank of India is reportedly planning on arranging DJs with turntables and scratch-pads to entertain those standing in long queues to deposit their money as the year end approaches.

SBI employee practicing for 31st night outside their bank ATM.
SBI employee practicing for 31st night outside their bank ATM.

Speaking to Faking News, RBI spokesperson Mr. Aishtukar said, “Just standing in queue and not enjoying makes Ram a dull boy. I mean, how many would want to just stand in queues exhausted with repeated, boring demonetization arguments without any entertainment? Especially, when the new year day is approaching!”

“RBI will soon present the ‘Entertainment at ATM Scheme’ (EATMS), as part of which relatively free bank employees will be given a DJ set including turntables, scratch-pads, high end monitors, and be asked to showcase their talent. All in the name of customer satisfaction”, Mr. Aish said as he continued to explain.

“Customers, who otherwise would have been busy throwing 500 rupee notes on contract based new year dancers, will now enjoy DJ prowess of bank employees. Get ready for the fun folks!”, Mr. Aish said as he seemed to be desperately trying his hand at being cool.

Meanwhile, the young withdrawal fraternity has decided to get their beer and snacks, along with the mandatory ATM and Aadhar card when they stand in line on the 31st of December for year end withdrawal.