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Rat gang busted in missing alcohol case: Patna police resolves case in record time

06, May 2017 By Gaurav Chhabra

By now, most people are aware of the daring and illegal act that the rats committed in one of the police station in Patna, Bihar by drinking 9 lakh litres of alcohol that was in safe custody of Bihar police.

"What a life!"
“What a life!”

However, what people are not yet aware is the following: In a major breakthrough, police have nabbed all the rats who were responsible for this act. Although police are yet to disclose the above information to general public, we came to know it from a source privy to the investigation. Ten teams were formed for nabbing all the culprits. All drainage systems, garbage piles, even the dustbins were under close observation for any suspicious activities. One team got a lead from a lady. The informant was actually the culprit’s wife. She told that for the last few days, her hubby was returning late and used to create scene whenever she enquired his whereabouts.

Later, police also confirmed the same from their neighbours. The team swiftly got into action and raided few places frequented by her hubby. When the team raided a sewer, they found the culprit in an inebriated state with his girlfriend. The team had tough time arresting the culprit because his wife was also accompanying the team. I’ll not get into the details as you guys already know what happens when you find someone cheating on you, especially when the culprit is a male. All i would like to mention here is that his wife made the interrogation procedure too easy for the cops. Within ten minutes, the culprit gave up the name of all the gang members who were involved in this shocking act.

In an interesting move, police have decided to shame all those who were involved by making their names public. Although few of the arrested rats were pleading not guilty, their better halves came forward and disclosed everything. Both the police and the govt. have applauded the courage shown by their wives.

This incident has also raised questions about security at police station ‘malkhanas’ which is where they store all the seized goods. In wake of this incident, Manu Maharaj, SSP, Patna has asked Boring Road police station to beef up security around their ‘malkhana’ as they recently seized 200 kgs of illegal cheese that was being smuggled to Nepal.