Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

RAS question paper found completely flawless, students in shock

27, Dec 2013 By divanshugoyal

In a recent happening, the RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Services) examination paper conducted by RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) has been found perfectly correct. This path breaking action of RPSC has shocked many students appeared in the exam.

Students protesting in front of RPSC office

At an exam center MPS (Money Public School), it is being confirmed by invigilators that after an hour of start of the exam two students almost got heart attack, who were immediately taken to the nearest hospital. Ambulances were also seen outside many exam centers.

According to Bekaam Singh, a student who took this exam, “This is ridiculous, I mean why? RPSC has never done this before in the past, then why now?” We were fully confident to get bonus marks in this exam. What will I tell my parents now?” In secret talks with students it is found that few students are even planning to file a legal case against RPSC for misleading the students.

On asking RPSC chairman about this incident, he immediately replied, “Even I am surprised! We have maintained our record of faulty question papers over the years so well. But suddenly everything has vanished. All that fame, we earned over the years has now gone. This is the mistake made by printing press. I will set up an enquiry against the printing press and will make sure that guilty is punished.”

When we discussed this matter with the printing press they further added, “This is not our fault, this is completely due to Modi wave. We had sent those papers to Gujrat for printing. And result is all in front of us.”

Meanwhile Ex-Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot supported printing press and emphasized, “See! I have said this before; it is all due to Modi. He made all the EVMs corrupt & defected that’s why we lost. We have done so much development.” We could not hear further, reportedly, the mike was cut off.

Later in the day many students were seen in front of RPSC office protesting against this unusual act by RPSC.  This agitation is expected to join by many more students within 2-3 days.