Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Rarest of rare case of CBI

27, Nov 2013 By nandakumar

Even though the Ghaziabad court did not accept the CBI plea that the Talwar’s case was the rarest of rare, it did appreciate the spirit with which the CBI put forth its reasons. From the court documents the CBI’s reasons are listed below.

1. A rare case where Modi is not named.

2. A rare case where UPA Ministers are not in the dock.

3. A rare case which is not monitored by the Supreme Court.

4. A rare case where Ashwani Kumar did not correct the English Grammar;the typo error is proof of that.

5. A rare case where files were not missing. Only the motive, witness and evidence were missing.

6. A rare case where ISI,LeT,IM, RSS, VHP were not involved.

7. A rare case where the case was reopened after closure.

8. A rare case where Mayawati asked CBI to conduct the investigation.

9. A rare case where in spite of finding yoga mats in the house, the CBI did not implicate Baba Ramdev.

10. A rare case where CBI did not have to travel to Switzerland, Singapore, St. Kitts, Mauritius and Cayman islands.

11. A rare case where two different CBI teams after clean chits, closure, typo errors etc. could complete the investigation within 5 years.

12. A rarest of rare case where the trial by media lost its credibility thanks to Tehelka.