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“Rape Me” misinterpreted by Indian politicians breaks Cobain’s peace

04, Jul 2014 By trancewriter

Tapas Pal joins the Wall of Shame of insensitive comments about rape made by politicians and social activists. It seems that the Indian Ministers have misinterpreted Nirvana’s “Rape Me”. The singer was reported to have turned in his grave and in a fit of rape, I mean rage, and condemned all of them to castration.

Some comments made by our politicians on Rape

“I will not have it. I made the song so plain and outrageous so that no one can misinterpret it. It’s right in your face!”, Kurt Cobain tweeted this seeing how the incident has become almost a daily routine.

The song “Rape Me” is an anti rape song which tries to say ‘Rape me, go ahead, rape me, beat me. You’ll never kill me. I’ll survive this and I’m gonna fucking rape you one of these days and you won’t even know it.’ The first part of the legendary song fulfilled, the offenders have only to wait for the consequences.

Harsh Vardhan, a doctor himself, states that the increasing cases of rape are a result of Sex Education in schools, which happens to increase libido levels. As a fitting retort, Cobain posted a photo of his porn collection captioned “Smells like Teen Spirit” on Instagram.

Kurt’s rise from the dead to condemn rapists has been cheered by Woman’s Right  Association who have taken up the Slogan “Cut for Cobain” in order to achieve Castration as a suitable punishment for Rapists.

“These men should not be hanged but made to live without their manhoods. They should be subjected to lead a life of humiliation.”, said a rape victim who wishes to remain anonymous.