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"Rape has nothing to be ashamed of" : MLA from Delhi

12, Oct 2012 By idiot420

In a rather bizarre statement one of  MLA from Delhi told that “Rape has nothing to be ashamed of, even ‘Mahabharat’ mentions an attempt to rape in ancient Indraprastha”. How can you forget  Draupadi cheer-haran incident. You can take Indraprastha out of rape but can’t take rape out of Indraprastha. This tradition of rape in Delhi NCR region has been coming since vedic age and who are we to defy that.

MLA’s this comment has got support from some of the Khap panchayats too. According to them  it’s a natural phenomenon of human life where a strong man does what he wants in order to prove his manhood, even Duryodhan did in spite of being yuvraj of Hastinapur. Going a step further one of Kahp Panchayat member told “Women should appreciate the fact that they are being given so importance that men are taking such risks for them. It’s a kind of compliment in disguise. Many of our brothers are in jail just because of this daring act.”

All these statement has added fuel to fire in view of recent rape incidents happening around the region. One of the trustee of world famous The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) group has asked member of organisations from all over the world to move to Delhi region in order to save females from getting raped. He told that in Mahabharat our dear Krishan has saved Draupadi and now it’s our turn to keep his preaching alive and we will certainly put a pause to ongoing fiasco.

Now the whole series of events is taking a totally dramatic turn as a simple criminal act is some how changing to war of ideology and belief. “Incredible India Indeed” .