Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Ransomware does not attacked Aadhar as they do not have Aadhar number

19, May 2017 By rofl gujju

UIDAI chief gave statement to media that WannaCry Ransomware: Aadhaar Completely Safe. Research team of the Faking news tried to find out reason as to how Aadhar remain secure. FN found out following reason:

Is she safe, then?
Is she safe, then?

Ransomware is different than malware. Ransomware seeks the money in bitcoin to unlock the system and to get access of system. FN team believed that hackers were totally aware about the Government of India (GOI) policy that makes Aadhar mandatory. In case, if they hack the Aadhar system they need the Addhar number to get the Ransom money. As they do not have Aadhar number they will not going to get the ransom.They might not be aware about GOI policy which do not provide just mid day meal without Aadhar number. There will be no case to get ransom without Aadahr number.

As per the sources of Faking news, Government is going to hold the press conference after the pacification of the ransomware and will celebrate it as the success of the Aadhar. As per Government sources Aadhar card linked payment system prevent the GOI IT system from the ransomware.