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Rambo mk V: the resurrection of the action hero by Nitish Kumar and Meenakshi Lekhi engenders fandom across the country

25, Jul 2013 By Avi

In a rather unexpected turn of events, following the recent comments made by Nitish kumar and Meenakshi Lekhi on the wake of the Uttarakhand tragedy, the “rambo” franchisee has seen an rejuvination in its fortunes!!

The movie series, starring Sylvester Stallone,which debuted in 1982, and had its latest release in 2008, has been re-released in the country following the unanticipated frenzy spawned in the nation by the politicians.

The internet world has since gone crazy following the incident; recent studies show that the “rambo” keyword has been the most searched word in Google in the last couple of weeks, beating even the likes of Katrina kaif and Sunny Leone. YouTube streaming of the movie clips have since soared up; the official site of the movie franchisee has seen the most visits meanwhile.

Even the re-release of all the Rambo movies in the nation has smashed all records. It has raked in around $500million in the last month and has become the 3rd highest movie(series) grosser of all times!! Even Maratha Mandir, the cinema hall, which has been screening DDLJ sice its release in 1995, has planned to ditch DDLJ and screen Rambo series instead!!A spokesperson said, “Its time we moved on, and we think we can screen Rambo even longer than we screened DDLJ”.

The delirium doesn’t end here. People have found a new style icon!! According to reports, people are scooting around with peculiar “rambo” outfits- Army field jackets, off-white tank top,jeans, combat boots and a plastic toy knife.. Our reporter even crashed in on a local fashion parade, where every single participant dressing up as John Rambo!! On interviewing a participant, he told, “Dressing up like Rambo is so in fashion!! Its the attire of today!! I love it!! N am dressing up as Rambo in Halloween as well!!”

The craze has gone up so much so that the movie producers are seriously contemplating a move to sign in Nitish Kumar and Meenakshi Lekhi as the lead couple in their next venture in the Rambo series.

“Inadvertently, they’ve been so profitable to us, so it makes sense that we cast them in our next movie, it’ll be such a blockbuster”. It remains to be seen what the architects of the scenario have to say regarding this.