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Rajinikanth’s selfie received as Mangalyaan starts sending images from Mars

24, Sep 2014 By Mantosh

Earth: It was a celebration time for the Faking News team to have a peep into the first few images sent from the Mars Color Camera (MCC) installed in Mangalyaan.


Our correspondent, Paglaya Pandey who was travelling in the Delhi metro, secretly peeped into the iPad of a co-passenger. Luckily, this person was an ISRO scientist, S P K Balasubramanyam Radhakrisnan. It is believed that Mr. Radhakrisnan’s iPad is directly connected to Mangalyaan. It is a common sight in Delhi metro where people even read all the personal messages in co-passenger’s mobile phone secretly while travelling.

Pandey, blessed with a sharp memory, gave a vivid description of all these images. These images reveal that Mars is quite habitable. Many Indian celebrities and politicians have already reached to the Red Planet. Here, we list the contents of these images in seriatim based on Pandey’s memory.

  • In the first image, Ram Gopal Verma is seen shooting a movie in a forest with the stars like Dino Morea, Zayed Khan, Isha Koppikar, and Isha Deol. (The title of the movie is expected to be Mangal me Jungle)
  • In another image, Salman Khan is seen in a bachelor party along with Rahul Gandhi and Modi. (This image is sure to stir controversy when published)
  • The third image is not very clear; but it seems to have a building. (Pandey claims seeing Mr. A Raja with a black briefcase; so, it can be concluded that the building belongs to some bank where Indian politicians have hidden their black money)
  • Ever wondered where all the fodder from Fodder scam vanished! It is lying on Mars. One of the images shows Laluji’s tabela on the planet.
  • The last image is very clear. It is actually a selfie taken by none other than Mr. Rajinikanth with the Mangalyaan camera. He is also the first human being to reach the planet.

We expect that ISRO will be releasing all these images to the media very soon.

The entire country congratulates ISRO for its stupendous feat. It is worth mentioning here that India has become the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the orbit of Mars on its maiden attempt.