Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Rajinikanth antivirus to protect users of Internet from DNS virus

08, Jul 2012 By thenali

The users of the internet have been petrified of the DNS virus, the savior could not have come at a better time. Rajinikanth firewall cum antivirus has launched itself to protect the users of the internet from the DNS virus. Nobody is aware of the creators of the antivirus while some is of the view that the antivirus created itself seeing the panicked internet users around the world. Users across the globe have reported that the antivirus automatically installed whenever users typed “Need help to remove DNS virus from computer “in Google. Users claim the firewall and the antivirus combo automatically installed itself with the captions “Thee have no fear while Rajinikanth is here.”

“It was very funny to hear that FBI and American intelligence have been working hard to find out ways to tackle the virus, Simple solution would have been that the agencies should have just thought about approaching Rajini and they would have received the solution from him,” claimed Rajini senthil, an ardent fan of Rajinikanth.

Our secret sources reveal that, though the antivirus installed itself only when the user was searching for a solution, the software cannot be removed by the users at will. An user who tried removing the software after the successful removal of the virus received a message “Mind it, Rascalaa” with a Rajinikanth picture on the screen. On his repeated attempt to remove the antivirus, the user was then found missing and is said to have vanished from the face of the internet , his Facebook profile , Google accounts and all his online activities have been erased along with him.

After finding the efficiency of the Rajinikanth antivirus, FB and Google have been trying to get in touch with the Rajinikanth antivirus to acquire it, but both FB and Google were threatened to be bought out by Rajinikanth with his pocket money and was warned that no currency is available in the world that can buy him.

Recent update – Users who wants to check whether their computer is affected by DNS virus are required to stare at the monitor and say “Rajini save the internet world” three times , Users who do not have internet access can also download the antivirus as the Rajinikanth antivirus just require the will to get installed in the system . PS – Do not try it for fun.