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Raj Babbar worried how Lalu should spend Rs 2 that he saves after eating sumptuous meal for Rs 12

05, Nov 2013 By crazydoc

After learning that Lalu Prasad is making Rs 14 per day in the prison. Raj Babbar is keen to offer him food guides on eating a sumptuous meal in Rs 12 per day.

“I know about a lot of places which can offer you meal at Rs 12. I am planning to silence everyone by reviewing them on Zomato under a pseudonym. Now that I know Lalu will have a hearty meal in Rs 12, I am wondering what he should be doing with the 2 rupees that he will be saving,” said Babbar who seemed to be well satiated after eating the crow on his Rs 12 statement earlier this year.

Meanwhile sources have confirmed that Raj Babbar had a telephonic conversation with Rasheed Masood of congress to figure out if there was something like a half tiffin available for Rs 2. Masood had indicated a full meal for Rs 5 earlier this year.

However inside information reveals that plans are underway to arrange a meeting with Mohd. Yunus or Vinod Khosla for a microfinance scheme where Lalu could invest the Rs 2 he saves daily, bankers are calculating the rate of interest to be able to make Rs 25 lakh by the time he is out of prison.

While everyone around is busy speculating what he will do with Rs 14 daily, Lalu seems to have reached out to Chetan Bhagat to obtain tips on writing a blog on ‘Cool stuff to do at Hotwar Jail in Rs 2’, while Bhagat insists it be called 2 mistakes of my life and he could write anything inside,”Who cares about the content anyways, I know the first mistake anyways is to believe Raj Babbar and his Rs 12 meal theory. All he needs to figure out is the second mistake and we could write a book” says Bhagat.

Jail authorities are tight lipped on what Lalu plans to do with the Rs 14. Opposition is suspecting that they may not necessarily be tight lipped but they are chewing the secret Rs 12 meal of Raj Babbar hence are not opening their mouths.

On being asked why Lalu was offered the Job of gardening and not teaching or something else, Jail Warden Duni Ram said “ This is the closest we could bring him to fodder, hopefully today’s plants will be tomorrow’s fodder” as a empty Rs 2 Cadbury’s Laddu wrapper slipped from his pocket.