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Rains come with loads of troubles

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Rains caused force-landing of the helicopter boarding a union minister. Poor visibility due to continuous downpour led to the emergency landing. Such condition prevails all around. Even in this business city, the residents are facing the travails owing to incessant rains. Though a few schools remained closed on certain days, the students’ attendance at the classes is not as much satisfactory. They failed to reach the school mainly because of inundated localities.

Not only the junior class students are absenting but the senior students are also finding it difficult to get through the hurdle of water-logging on streets, roads and by-roads. There are water and water everywhere. The parents are leaving no chance of sending their younger wards to the schools but they are found to be complaining of the water logging on the roads in front of their school’s main entry gate. They find it troublesome in using the bricks laid out into the water for access to the gate.

Like the summer, the rainy season is also worrying the denizens. On intense hot conditions in the city, the residents wished for rains and when it came to cats and dogs, they crave for some kind of relief. A record has been broken in this season. After the year of 1971, the city has not experienced a heavy spell of 125.2 mm on July 5 though the maximum rain of 147 mm recorded on July 6, 2012.  There has been traced a rainfall up to 226 mm so far while the normal July month rainfall is marked at 286.6 mm.

If we take into account the total rainfall level in the month of July since the year 2010, we find that the years 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016 recorded the levels of 386.2 mm, 405.6 mm, 326.1 mm and 309.3 mm respectively.This month has left enough days. Therefore more rains could be expected in view of the weather experts’ predictions. The cloudy weather is still persisting. So, troubles are awaiting us.