Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Railways passing over its own norms

20, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What more could be the height of negligence than the complete ignorance of ongoing maintenance works on the railway tracks by the staff concerned. What has been revealed by the eyewitnesses on the electronic media approves of the disregard towards duty. It is definitely the public that gets the impression of an inapt situation and aware the authorities concerned of the points. Whether it was dancing with a woman on film tunes or update on the damaged tracks, the common made these imperfections known to the railways.

However, the railways took prompt action on the dancing issue following the matter becoming viral on the social media. Side by side it appeared to have nearly ignored the maintenance work on the track thereby leading the total disaster in the evening of an August day. It would have been probably the first time that the bogies were forcibly entered into the house. This train tragedy is no less shocking than the hospital misfortune. Arrogant August cries in pain for losing its noble sheen owing to two different episodes.

Not many people could say offhand what caused the railwaymen at Udi railway station to dance with a woman on the film song beats.  But they were seen dancing with the woman in the viral video. It was definitely taken as inseparable part of their stomach-turning pride. They wandered under the fast beats of music thereby resulting in facing the music. Keeping a vigilant eye on the trains’ movement is a priority of the station master.

They need to know trains do not dance but run in the fixed direction. The video which remained the basis of their suspension order was shot by some unknown passenger who later posted the video on social media. In the latest case of the derailment, the station master was overheard saying of his total ignorance of the maintenance work. Had he been aware of this very delicate situation he certainly would have allowed the fateful train to pass over at more than 15 kms per hour.